Sometimes there are no words you can say that will adequately express an emotion or reach a person.  Sometimes, all you need is a dog...someone to listen. Someone to hold on to.

The next Pet Partners in person team training course will be September 12, 2020 at the Shawnee County Topeka Public Library, Topeka, KS.  Sign up on the Pet Partners website. 

If you need help with that, contact Julie at 785-221-7039

How to Become a Volunteer Pet Partners Therapy Animal Team

The Pet Partners program was established in 1990 and it is the only national registry that requires volunteer training and screening of animal-handler teams. The required training and screening ensures that both people as well as animals are prepared to participate in animal-assisted activity and animal-assisted therapy programs.

We’re excited to know that you’re interested in becoming a therapy animal handler with your animal! While therapy dogs make up 94% of the teams in Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program, they register eight other species too.  

Potential Pet Partner Teams are required to follow all Pet Partner policies and procedures in order to become registered Pet Partners. Handlers must be able to learn and demonstrate the skills necessary to visit safely with their animal in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, and other facilities.

You can learn the skills in two different ways:

1. Attend an 8-hour Pet Partner Team training course when one is available and then be evaluated as a team.
2. Or you can complete an online course through Pet and then be evaluated.

Below is a link to the Pet Partners website where you will find much information on the steps to becoming a Pet Partners Therapy Animal team!

Having problems signing up on Pet Partners website?

Please call Julie at 785-221-7039 for help.


Topeka, KS, USA


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